Partnerships Between Non-Profit Organizations and Businesses in Los Angeles County

Partnerships between companies and non-profit organizations can be incredibly beneficial for both parties. When the advantages for the non-profit organization outweigh any costs incurred by the corporate company, these mutually beneficial partnerships are more likely to last. In Los Angeles County, there are a variety of ways that non-profit organizations can partner with businesses to achieve their goals. The US government offers grants to organizations with a national focus, as well as global focus grants for international organizations. American Airlines provides in-kind donations for airline tickets and financial contributions to non-profit organizations in its operating regions that focus on children, communities, and members of the military service.

State Farm offers donations to non-profit organizations in the form of Good Neighbor Citizenship grants. For more than 30 years, Shelter Partnership has donated new assets to an established network of more than 273 non-profit agencies serving the homeless in Los Angeles County. Los Angeles is a flourishing philanthropic center, not only in California but throughout the western United States. Non-profit organizations in Tillamook, Portland, Broadman, and generally in the Pacific Northwest region can submit requests for financial contributions and product contributions through their donation form. The Publix supermarket chain supports non-profit organizations in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, North and South Carolina, and Virginia.

The Intercontinental Hotel Group makes charitable contributions to non-profit organizations in the regions surrounding its hotels. The best partnerships between companies and non-profit organizations require time and ongoing communication. This involves the organization in a way that makes it feel valued beyond a checkbook. For example, Athleta partners with the Women's Sports Foundation to organize the Power of She Fund which provides grants to organizations that focus on women's and women's sports. Eligible organizations can request donations of Art in Education products and grants on the Crayola Cares page. Los Angeles nonprofit organizations in the urban renewal sector seek to remedy many of the infrastructure discrepancies of previous urban initiatives.

In Los Angeles County alone, more than 13% of the population lives at or below the poverty level, compared to the national average of 11.4%. This advertising helps organizations promote their non-profit organizations through ads that appear in Google searches. In conclusion, there are many ways that businesses and non-profit organizations can partner together to benefit both parties. From grants to donations to advertising opportunities, there are plenty of options available for non-profits in Los Angeles County.

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