Collaborations of Non-Profit Organizations in Los Angeles County

Los Angeles County, California is home to a wide range of non-profit organizations that collaborate with local businesses and groups to achieve their goals. Together for LA is a strategic partnership that works to strengthen and support women and variously owned small businesses in the county. The Quetzalén Folk Ballet La Luz Center collaborates with the Quetzalen Ballet, the only local ballet group that originated in the Sonoma Valley and works with El Verano Elementary, Flowery, & El Verano. The Institute for Sustainable Development has compiled and published an initial study that highlights the response of leading institutions in Los Angeles to manage a crisis of this magnitude in the most populous county in the country. Los Angeles has long been a leader in environmental policy and legislation in the United States.

The Lucy Jones Center for Science and Society, the Institute for Sustainable Development (ISD), the City of Los Angeles and the County of Los Angeles have all come together to promote a more equitable, sustainable and resilient economic recovery. Kristin has 25 years of experience in strategic planning, finance, operations, marketing, circular economy models, ESG and entity transformation to help companies and organizations to prosper economically while understanding their environmental and social impact. The Betting Big on Small Businesses Owned by Women and People of Color initiative was led by Kristin on behalf of the DRIVE Investment Plan, with the goal of increasing the economic mobility of entrepreneurs in disinvested neighborhoods. Mike Daniel is the regional director of Orange County's Inland Empire Small Business Development Center Network, which helps current businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs in Orange, San Bernardino and Riverside counties and provides one-on-one consulting and training. The Los Angeles region is home to a world-class workforce and exceptional companies, making it an attractive home for non-profit organizations. The Los Angeles Corporate Donor Guide helps non-profit organizations find, contact and obtain corporate sponsorships that are appropriate to their segment of non-profit organizations and aligned with their mission.

Salinas is the president and CEO of the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce, which represents member companies throughout the region. The best partnerships between businesses and non-profit organizations require time and ongoing communication. Emergency services and disaster relief constitute a small but essential niche of non-profit organizations operating in the greater Los Angeles area.

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