Exploring Donations to Non-Profit Organizations in Los Angeles County

We have a long-standing commitment to supporting our local communities in Minneapolis and St. Paul, through corporate grants, volunteer participation, and donations at local stores. Every year, we donate millions of dollars in cash grants and in-kind product donations to the Twin Cities. Our commitment to supporting organizations in the Twin Cities is unwavering and we will continue to address the needs of our community now and in the future.

Los Angeles County is home to many non-profit organizations that are dedicated to advocating for social change and making a positive impact on their communities. The Brotherhood Crusade has been improving the quality of life for families and young people in Los Angeles for 44 years, while CDTech works to build livable and economically viable communities in low-income areas of the Los Angeles metropolitan area. LAANE (Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy) is a nationally recognized advocacy organization that works to create a new economy for all. The Thai CDC promotes the social and economic well-being of people with low and moderate incomes in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, while Pomona Kids First works to combat the legacy of systemic racism and the harmful effects of the pandemic.

Community Coalition helps transform the social and economic conditions in South Los Angeles that encourage addiction, crime, violence, and poverty. Gender Justice LA is a grassroots social justice organization run by and for gender-nonconforming black, indigenous, and trans people of color in Los Angeles. Pasadenans Organizing for Progress is a multi-issue community organization that works to make Pasadena a more just, equitable, and inclusive city. United Way of Greater Los Angeles creates pathways out of poverty by helping the homeless find housing, supporting children to succeed in school, and helping families achieve financial stability.

United Latinx Fund is Los Angeles' leading philanthropic foundation and resource created for and by Latinos that transforms, elevates, and improves the quality of life of Los Angeles residents. Finally, UNICEF's U. S. section focuses on domestic well-being and is one of the most recognized, transparent, and charitable organizations in the United States.

If you are interested in learning more about how donations to non-profit organizations in Los Angeles County are used to support their advocacy efforts and campaigns for social change, there are several resources available. You can contact any of these organizations directly to learn more about their specific programs or initiatives. Additionally, you can research each organization's website or social media accounts to learn more about their mission and how they are using donations to support their work. Finally, you can look into local news sources or publications that cover non-profit organizations in Los Angeles County to get an overview of how donations are being used.

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