What is the Los Angeles County Non Profit Grant Program?

The Los Angeles County Economic Opportunity Grant Program is now open to eligible microbusinesses, small businesses and non-profit organizations. Funding sources for non-profits and start-ups are available through Los Angeles Social Venture Partners (LASVP). This organization pools funds to invest in local non-profit organizations, but participation is at the core of its philanthropy. Grants and donations of in-kind products are available to non-profit organizations and U. S.

government agencies in states where the funding source operates. These grants are focused on diversity and inclusion, youth safety, community development, the environment, and access to land. The Annenberg Foundation is a family foundation that provides funding and support to non-profits in the United States and around the world. In-kind support is also available for California non-profit organizations in eligible locations to advertise their services to the local community. The Social Innovation Fast Pitch is a mentoring program that culminates in a competition in which non-profits compete for cash prizes. In addition, companies located in areas with a moderate impact of COVID-19 may provide services to communities with few resources and may have barriers that relate more closely to companies located in the highest and highest level areas.

In-kind digital marketing services are available for California non-profits in eligible regions to advertise their services to the local community. The California Community Foundation (CCF) has been an important community advocate in the Los Angeles area since 1915. Grants and in-kind services are available to California non-profits at eligible locations for special events, festivals, and community initiatives. The California Community Foundation is committed to transformative change in Los Angeles and around the world. CCF strives to be the destination base for donors and non-profits that are passionately committed to creating systemic change in Los Angeles County.

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