The Impact of Donations to Non-Profit Organizations in Los Angeles County

The Brotherhood Crusade has been working to improve the quality of life for families and young people in Los Angeles and its surrounding communities for 44 years. Los Angeles is a leader in environmental policy and legislation in the United States, and the Los Angeles Unified School District is the second largest public education system in the country. Unfortunately, poverty is a major issue in Los Angeles County, with more than 13% of the population living at or below the poverty level. This economic landscape makes Los Angeles an attractive home for non-profit organizations.

The Los Angeles Corporate Donor Guide helps non-profit organizations find, contact and obtain corporate sponsorships that are appropriate to their segment of non-profit organizations and aligned with their mission. LA n Sync is a civic initiative designed to encourage innovation and attract funding to address the critical needs of Los Angeles County. Non-profit organizations in the urban renewal sector are working to remedy many of the infrastructure discrepancies of previous urban initiatives. Despite this, Los Angeles is still considered one of the “capitals of the homeless” of the United States, with a poverty rate of 18%.

United Latinx Fund (ULF) is Los Angeles' leading philanthropic foundation and resource created for and by Latinos that transforms, elevates and improves the quality of life of Los Angeles residents. LA Counts is a free, open source tool and a growing community of change agents using open data to build, strengthen and transform Los Angeles County. When it comes to donations to non-profit organizations in Los Angeles County, it's important to understand their impact on both local communities and beyond. Donations can help fund initiatives that improve infrastructure, provide access to healthcare, create job opportunities, and more.

It's also important to remember that successful partnerships between companies and non-profit organizations require time and ongoing communication. This helps ensure that non-profits feel valued beyond just a checkbook.

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