Raising Awareness for Non-Profit Organizations in Los Angeles County

Non-profit organizations in Los Angeles County, CA have a variety of ways to raise awareness for their cause or mission. From gift-packing stations to speed-dating fundraisers, there are plenty of creative and engaging activities that staff members can participate in or host. One way to increase knowledge of the organization is to collaborate with local native plant nurseries and sell or auction trees. Donors can also contribute a one-time donation in addition to their in-kind contribution to help the organization maintain its important work.

Prizes such as gift cards or free tickets to the next non-profit event are great incentives for donors. Posting photos of wrapping masterpieces on social media is another way to keep followers interested in what the organization is doing during the holidays. Organizing a speed-dating fundraiser is a great way for like-minded people with a shared interest in philanthropy to meet and connect. For those who wish to do it virtually, they can charge registration as a donation and then encourage the athlete to complete the distance on their own.

Digital forms will help the non-profit organization keep all volunteer information organized and available at any time. Identifying potential businesses in the area that donors have shown interest in and highlighting the incredible marketing opportunity that those establishments will receive is another way to raise awareness. Ask local wineries or restaurants to donate a bottle or two in exchange for free advertising, or organize a wine tasting at a local business that contributes a portion of its profits to the organization. In addition to evaluation and elimination rounds, baking teams can raise funds before and during an event instead of voting. Participants can also share photos of themselves online with the event's hashtag or mention Movember in their captions, organically raising awareness for the cause and educating others about the importance of Movember's work. These are just some of the many ways that staff members at non-profit organizations in Los Angeles County, CA can participate or host events to raise awareness for their cause or mission. With some creativity and planning, these activities can be both entertaining and engaging for donors.

Kristine Domhoff
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